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This specialist site has been developed to make it easier to source the products featured in my books and generally anything that I find interesting that reacts to heat. Enjoy wandering through the site. If you need to see where I am just check the diary and events page. All the workshops and lectures that I deliver are listed there.

Kim Thittichai


Product of the month:

A new, soft, powdered glue – KK glue. Washable and very durable.

  • KK glue can be used on any surface that can be ironed – fabric, wood, card and paper.
  • As with other powdered glues this product has many practical uses such a patching and appliqué however, I like to use it with stencils or sprinkled randomly and decorate it with transfer foils.
  • Before starting your project, always do a small sample to see just how thinly you need to sprinkle the powder.
  • To use with a stencil – lightly sprinkle the glue powder evenly – to create a thin, even layer. Carefully remove the stencil without smudging the design.
  • Cover carefully with baking parchment and iron with a hot iron for 30 seconds. Once cool, remove baking parchment.
  • Then lay foil, colour side up, onto the glue, cover with baking parchment and iron with a cooler iron – around wool or medium. (If the iron is too hot, the foil will pucker and not release its colour.)
  • When cool, remove the baking parchment and the foil will have stuck to your design. If you use Jones Tones or Tonertex foils I can guarantee this will be washable. This is great for t shirts.
  • Please bear in mind that as KK Glue is a powder, you won’t get a very sharp edge to your design when working with stencils, however, the slightly distressed edge gives a softer effect.
  • Alternatively you can just sprinkle the glue randomly as a finishing touch to your project. Less is more in the case – you don’t need a lot.
  • Once you have sprinkled, fix with the iron using baking parchment and then foil.
  • As the jar has a screw top you can save any residual powder and place back in the jar. There is a silica gel sachet in the jar which will help if the powder gets damp.

Choose you stencil and lay on your T shirt.

If the design is close to the edge of the stencil, mask off the t shirt with baking parchment.

Lightly sprinkle the powder over the stencil.

Carefully lift off the stencil with out smudging the design.

Carefully cover the powdered design with baking parchment and iron with a hot iron for 30 seconds.

When the glue is cold – remove the baking parchment.

Any residual glue can be shaken off the stencil on a sheet of baking parchment and poured back into the jar. (Be careful not to contaminate the powder with other media you may be working with).

Cover the design with heat transfer foil – colour side up. Cover this with baking parchment. Turn your iron down to the wool setting. If the iron is too hot the foil will pucker and not release the colour. Iron for 30 seconds.

Once the foil and the glue are cold – remove the foil.

Your finished foiled design is now washable and ready to wear.